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Succeeding in the Police Assessment Center

Acing the Police Written Promotional Exam

Excelling in the Police Oral Board Interview Process

Learn key strategies for succeeding in the Assessment Center to include how to: (1) get ready for the process, (2) develop the proper mindset for success, (3) demonstrate the behavioral dimensions that are evaluated, (4) think through the problem scenarios, and (5) effectively perform each exercise.

Learn key strategies for acing the Written Promotional Exam to include how to: (1) prepare for the exam, (2) develop a study plan that will produce results, (3) use a study method to recall the material, (4) identify potential test questions, and (5) analyze questions to identify the correct answer.

Learn key strategies for excelling on the Police Oral Board interview for entry level and promotional candidates to include how to: (1) prepare for the interview, (2) compose an attractive resume, (3) present and sell yourself, (4) answer the different categories of questions, and (5) make an initial and lasting positive impression.

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