Learn our proven system for excelling in the Assessment Center, Oral Board Interview, and Written Exam.

About Us

Since 1998 Tim Gillette and Associates at TrainForPromotion.com have been committed to helping public safety professionals reach their highest potential by assisting them in achieving their goals of getting promoted and becoming successful leaders in their organizations. As part of this on-going commitment, we provide specialized training and coaching in helping public safety professionals succeed in their promotional processes to include the Written Promotional Exam, the Assessment Center, and the Oral Board Interview.  Specifically, we provide our students with proven techniques and strategies for demonstrating the knowledge, skills, and abilities that will be evaluated in their promotional processes, which include the technical knowledge measured in the Written Promotional Exam, as well as the leadership and management skills measured in the Assessment Center and Oral Board Interview.

As part of our commitment to our students, we present on-line, audio-taped training modules, and in-person training and coaching to ensure our students succeed in their promotional processes. Our most popular training programs are our widely acclaimed workshops entitled, “Acing the Written Promotional Exam”, Succeeding in the Assessment Center”, and "Excelling on the Oral Board Interview". These comprehensive workshops have been provided to thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout the country and helped them achieve maximum results in their promotional processes. The primary goal of these workshops is to help our students build a solid foundation from which they can confidently and effectively demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are evaluated in their promotional processes and that have proved to be critical in the workplace.

Our workshops focus on providing our students critical insights on how to: (1) study for the written promotional exam, identify potential test questions, and break down test questions to determine the correct answers, (2) prepare for the Assessment Center and perform each Assessment Center exercise to include the In-Basket, Tactical/Critical Incident, Problem Scenario, Subordinate Counseling, Citizen Meeting, Special Presentation, Leaderless Group Meeting, Memorandum Writing, Written Problem Analysis, etc. Our coaching sessions focus on providing tutoring and developmental training in the behavioral skill areas commonly evaluated in the workplace and in the promotional process. These sessions include having the student practice responding to simulated problem scenarios, putting the student through mock Oral Boards and Assessment Center exercises, and providing the student individualized feedback for developmental purposes.

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For more information on our career development training and promotional test preparation programs and other services, please contact 954-205-2266, or email TimGillette@TrainForPromotion.com.