Learn our proven system for excelling in the Assessment Center, Oral Board Interview, and Written Exam.


I am so thankful I found Tim and stuck to his comprehensive study plan. I fully embraced Tim’s books, interactive zoom classes, 1 on 1 tutoring, and his in person training. Tim told me that I needed to have the mindset of being number one and anything less was a waste of my time. Coming from a large city I was skeptical, but I stuck to the plan and worked at it with Tim for many months leading up to the written assessment and oral boards. All said and done, I placed 2nd out of over 650 candidates and was promoted in round one. Without Tim’s mentorship I would certainly not be in the position I am today. Thank you Tim. I owe this promotion to you and your program.

Zach,, Boston PD, November 2021

I was recently promoted to Captain, it was a competitive process in which I was the candidate with the least time on. I could have not done it without Colonel Tim Gillette's help. Colonel Gillette's approach is like no other. His knowledge and understanding of the promotional process is on point. I highly recommend anyone that is considering promotion to use Colonel Gillette's services. He brings in a very down to earth realistic approach to his training. Colonel Gillette is well versed in current policing issues and you combined this with his law enforcement experience and journalist background makes Colonel Gillette's Police Assessment Training Center one of kind. I'm a student for life. Thank you again, Sir.

Edison C., Pinecrest PD, September 2021

Tim, where do I start? I want to first start by saying thank you very much. I decided to take the Sergeants promotional exam to further my career with the Police Department. I remember when I called you, 60 days before the exam. You stated, “better late than ever”. When I doubted if 60 days was enough time to prepare you ensured me it was more than enough time as long as I was dedicated, motivated, and discipline. You tailored your teaching style to my needs, your scheduling options were very flexible I was able to come early mornings and late nights even weekends and holidays, even when you were away with family your zoom sessions were very helpful. Everything you taught in the course was relevant to what I saw on game day, from how to dress to the diamond, even how to prioritize and organize documents. I shared with you some learning barriers I’ve come across during my academic life you listened found out what worked best for me and immediately implemented it. I came in lacking the confidence that I was built for this. I left mentally prepared that I had what it took to lead my subordinates with knowledge and professionalism and updated information. The scenario examples were the same. You even made me aware that there was a significant difference between the badge and interactive, and I was able to have my agency correct and re-disseminated the information to all promotional candidates. Your program put me in the best position to succeed and come out ahead of this very competitive process. I scored number 1 overall out of 64 candidates, it’s worthy to mention that everyone who came to you came out in the top 12. Thank you again for this amazing experience.

E.J., May 2021

Going into the sergeant exam I was a bit worried about the assessment center because I had never done anything like it and did not know what to expect or how to prepare for it. I was advised that I should take Tim Gillette’s training. I did exactly that and it was the best decision I could’ve made. The training made me aware of what the assessment center would be like, what the assessors are looking and listening for and it prepared me to meet the benchmarks needed to do well on it. I highly recommend taking the class and the mock assessment! 

B.T.M., April 2021