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Acing the Written Promotional Exam (via video or in-person conferences)

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Ensure your success on the Written Promotional Exam by taking this widely acclaimed training program designed to help promotional candidates ace the Written Promotional Exam. In this program, the instructor will present proven strategies on how to: (1) get started in preparing for the exam, (2) design a study plan that will ensure you successfully pass the written promotional exam, (3) apply a proven study methodology for retaining and recalling the information, (4) identify the potential test questions that will be presented on the exam, and (5) break down test questions to determine the correct answer.

This program comes with a detailed training booklet with study methods and strategies on how to ace the written promotional exam and includes four hours of personal instruction in the format of your choice (on-line or in person) scheduled at a time that accommodates your schedule. This program also includes weekly consultations with the instructor who will review your progress to ensure your success on the written promotional exam.

Price: $299 + $10 credit card processing fee (includes student training booklet and sample test questions)
Start Date: After you sign up for this program, the instructor will call you to identify the dates and times for presenting the program.
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