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I am writing this letter to thank you for passing down your knowledge and various skill sets for the Sergeants Test. I came out number one on the test, against a very competitive group of police officers. The day I found out the results of the test, I was shocked. I could not believe I did so well. Then I remebered how hard I studied for this test and all of the preparation I did for this test. Hard work always pays off in the end. You have to be patient, dicsiplined but most of all learn from someone who wants to teach and share their knowledge. During the time I spent with you, I learned various disciplines that helped me succeed on this test. The five step problem solving method, scenario based training, the in-basket and all of the studying helped me understand how to put it all together. I cannot thank you enough for your time, knoweldege and passion you shared with me. Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sergeant Michael M, December 2017