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Thanks Tim for all your training and help in preparing me for my Assessment Center. I went from 37 to 5 on the final list for the lieutenants promotion here in Detroit.

Scott, Detroirt, April 2020

I scored #1 on the written and #1 both days of my Assessment Center for Lieutenant. My overall total score was 103.9. Your Assessment Center training helped me succeed in the Assessment Center, and I got promoted two months ago. The leadership words and problem-solving method you taught in the workshop were very good. Thank you.

Lt. Hayden, Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office, July 2019

My journey to become a lieutenant began April 2019 when I received my notice of eligibility for the promotional exam. After four months of intense studying I took the written examination. I successfully passed the written examination with the highest score. This allowed me to move on to the final two parts of the promotional process which included a strategic planning exercise and an oral presentation.

Since I scored the highest on the written examination, I wanted to ensure that I gave myself the best opportunity to be successful on the last two parts of the exam. I heard of Mr. Gillette from coworkers and I had also taken one of his classes about 10 years ago.

I decided to call Mr. Gillette to help me prepare for the last two parts of the exam. After speaking with Mr. Gillette he was so friendly and professional that I decided to seek his assistance for my preparation.

I had four sessions (2hr, 1hr, 1hr, 1hr) with Mr. Gillette. He was not in Florida at the time so we did the sessions over the phone. I wasn’t really sure if I would be able to grasp the material he was teaching since it was over the phone but he explained it in such a manner that it was easy to understand and easy to apply.

After the sessions I began to study the material provided to me by Mr. Gillette. While I was studying I received a phone call from Mr. Gillette asking me how everything was going. This is an example of his professionalism and it demonstrates that he cares for his students.

The day before the strategic planning exercise I called Mr. Gillette for some clarification on the study material. Without hesitation, he made himself available to me. He provided me with my final 1-hour session that I believe was pivotal for my strategic planning exercise and the oral presentation.

The following day I arrived at the assessment center for my strategic planning exercise. The day after I was scheduled for my oral presentation. I went into the final two parts of the examination with a lot more confidence because of the information provided to me by Mr. Gillette. The hard work paid off since it allowed me to score number one overall on the promotional list.

I called Mr. Gillette to tell him the news. He congratulated me and asked me to keep him posted on my progress through the promotional process. This again shows his professionalism and caring for his students.

Thank you Mr. Gillette for all your help.

J.C., South Florida, April 2019

I am writing this letter to thank you for passing down your knowledge and various skill sets for the Sergeants Test. I came out number one on the test, against a very competitive group of police officers. The day I found out the results of the test, I was shocked. I could not believe I did so well. Then I remebered how hard I studied for this test and all of the preparation I did for this test. Hard work always pays off in the end. You have to be patient, dicsiplined but most of all learn from someone who wants to teach and share their knowledge. During the time I spent with you, I learned various disciplines that helped me succeed on this test. The five step problem solving method, scenario based training, the in-basket and all of the studying helped me understand how to put it all together. I cannot thank you enough for your time, knoweldege and passion you shared with me. Please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sergeant Michael M, December 2017